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24 Peppermint Tea Bags With All-Natural Honey Granules


One of the oldest known herbal teas, peppermint leaves are brisk, refreshing and can be brewed either hot or cold. Originally from the Mediterranean, peppermint is naturally caffeine free with a cooling menthol flavor.

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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 12 in

16 reviews for True Honey Tea Bags – Peppermint Tea

  1. Karen Timmons

    Absolutely delicious! The bag doesn’t say it’s decaf but when I bought at festival I was told it was. It’s so good!

    • Peter Davis

      Peppermint tea is a variety of herbal tea and all herbal teas are caffeine free! Thanks for the kind words and steep on!! -Chris

  2. Carol kidder

    I was at the Southern women show Jacksonville and purchase the chai tea and the peppermint!!
    Oh my this was the most amazing teas!!
    So glad I came across them I’m a customer for life!!!

  3. Donna Thacker

    My daughter and I got some of the Peppermint tea at the Christmas Gift and Hobby show in Indy. It is THE best peppermint tea I have ever had! Just enough sweet to enhance the peppermint. So soothing! Delicious!

  4. Lorraine

    Simply fabulous

  5. Linda

    Purchased this tea at an art fair, the samples were so delicious. When i got the bags home they were equally yummy! good hot or cold!

  6. Evie Summerfield

    BEST tea ever!

  7. Kathy Burmil

    When I saw your booth at Sun Fest is Ocean City I was intrigued. I never thought that I could have a decaffeinated tea that would be so amazing. BEST TEA EVER!!!

  8. Sheri Vaughan

    I picked up the peppermint tea and it is fantastic. Perfectly sweetened. I love it!

  9. Robbie

    Bought the peppermint tea at craft show but the directions of brewing are not listed on the bag or website anyway. How much water suggested per bag? You mentioned it was stronger and last longer- but how much water? Thanks!!
    Please add to website

  10. Carol E Johnson

    I purchased the Peppermint Tea from the Occoquan Festival in early summer and wanted to know whether I can purchase more tea locally? I was told you are in the Northern VA area? Please let me know where if so. Want to pick up a few bags for Christmas gifts!
    This tea is amazing !!

  11. Samara

    I Love this tea!!!! I received as a gift and bought more, lol. Best tea of ever!

  12. Norma

    I purchased this tea, as well as two others, at a craft show in Fredericksburg, VA. It is so delicious. I’ve been having a cup (or two) each day and LOVE it.

  13. Tiare

    I bought this while i was on a road trip in California. OH MY GOODNESS I NEED A LIFETIME SUPPLY. It’s so delicious, and definitely helping me get over my cold

  14. Geri

    Amazing flavor and the perfect amount of honey. Bought it at craft fair in Virginia Beach. Can’t wait to try the other flavors

  15. Denise Strickland (verified owner)

    I purchased this tea in villa park IL from an arts and crafts show I absolutely love love love it a customer for life

  16. Lynn kessler

    Only tea I drink now!

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