True Honey Tea Bags – Lavender Lemonade

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24 Lavender Lemonade Tea Bags With All-Natural Honey Granules


Lavender Lemonade Herbal Tea

Looking for a tea that will quench your thirst? Infusing the tartness of lemon myrtle and a gentle, floral sweetness, this herbal tea is the perfect refresher. This light, simple blend of herbs has a smooth, citrus finish, minus the tart pucker. Naturally caffeine free, Lavender Lemonade is at its best no matter the time of day or serving temperature.

17 reviews for True Honey Tea Bags – Lavender Lemonade

  1. Ypsides Pearson

    This product is excellent !!!

  2. Carol

    I love this tea. I bought two bags at a Sarasota art and craft show and drink it every day. The honey makes it perfect with just the right amount of sweetness.

  3. Denise M

    Best tea ever! Bought at a craft show this weekend, wish I would have bought more! Our favorite is the lavender lemonade- so good, just add hot water!

  4. keystone333 (verified owner)

    The Lavender Lemonade tea is delicious. I bought a bag at a Sugarloaf Craft Fair and have already ordered more. Perfect flavor and light sweetness!

  5. Donna Baker

    Bought this variety at the Northern VA Christmas show. The best tea I have tasted so far. Excellent!!

  6. Robin

    One of my co-workers shared this tea with me and my daughter and we love it. We had to order our own bag. Best tea ever!!!

  7. Lorraine Horton

    Love this tea! I bought it at the Virginia Beach craft show after Thanksgiving and didn’t try it until Christmas. Wish I didn’t wait that long! Perfect blend of lavender and lemon flavors and the perfect touch of honey sweetness

  8. Marilyn

    This tea is amazing. Be ready to get addicted to this incredible product.

  9. Sarah

    100% recommend!! I added a spoonful of local honey but it was not even needed. This tea does not have the blandness like other teas, it has the perfect blend of lemon, lavender, and the perfect sweetness of honey! I also love that the company is based in Virginia!

  10. Jodi Jacob

    Such a delicious tea. I don’t need to add sugar or creamer. I’m a major coffee drinker and I love this tea! I found the key is to shake the bag around a little before steeping it. I highly recommend this flavor.

  11. Erin

    This is literally the best tea I’ve ever had

  12. Donna Parks

    This tea is amazing! Samples Lavender Lemonade at the Spring Fest arts and craft show in Ocean City, MD this weekend and just after one sample tasting I was hooked! This tea has kpjust the right amount of sweetness, lavender and lemon taste. I’m an iced tea drinker and could not wait to get home to make it. If you have tried it iced, you definitely need too.

  13. Jimmy Turner (verified owner)

    A co-worker let me try this tea once at work, and before the end of the day, I was asking her for another tea bag. It is fantastic!! Best tea I have ever tasted.

  14. Jessica

    This tea is so amazing. I purchased this tea at sugar loaf craft festival in Edison, NJ and it has become
    One of my favorite teas to drink. I don’t even like drinking tea, but I’ll make an exception for this delicious, great tasting tea.

  15. Miriam Rogers

    It is summer in the South (June 2019) and this makes the most wonderful ice tea. Calling it refreshing just isn’t enough -everyone loves it especially the kids!. One of my grandchildren thinks it is melted lemon lollipops (and I add no other sweetner). To make the tea, I let it steep longer, pour it up, and then add a measuring cup the same size as the tea filled with ice. I use a one quart pyrex cup to make the tea, and 2 bags. When I know company is coming, I make extra! I am ordering more today, for the the 4th family picnic.

  16. Susan

    Absolutely amazing!!! Tried it for the first time today will definitely be buying more! Flavor is awesome, just the right amount of sweetness! Perfect! Looking forward to trying the other flavors

  17. Sarah Himmelberg

    I bought this at the Reston Town Center this in June and didn’t realize how long it would last me! For one, this is just great tea but for two….however unrecommended by tea enthusiasts…I would keep this in my water bottle and just refill the water and the flavor would last for two days easy. I worked basic cadet training at USAFA this summer and I was always strapped with my lavender lemonade tea. Now during the school year I don’t bother heating up water because I’m (lazy) a girl on the go so I just use warm water from my sink with chia seeds for class or with cool water and take it for a run. Like… slaps I’m going to order another to get me through Colorado winter. Also don’t judge how I prep my tea just buy this for yourself and see

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