Frequency Asked Questions

About True Honey Teas

Where are we located?

Our company is based in Lorton, Virginia. All of our manufacturing, packaging, and shipping is done from this location. 

Our Address:

True Honey Teas LLC
7215 Lockport Drive
Lorton, VA 22079

How can we contact you?

Web form:

Where can we find your teas?

We sell through our website and (although we have limited stock at Amazon). We frequent arts and crafts shows in the mid-Atlantic region. If there’s a craft show in your area, there is a good chance we’ll be there!

Our Teas

What are honey granules?

Honey granules are dried honey mixed with pure cane sugar. The cane sugar is required to keep the honey from becoming liquid. This is due to the physical properties of honey. Honey is very absorbent. If left alone, it will re-hydrate and turn back into honey.

Where is the honey?

The honey granules are packaged directly in the teabag with the tea! This creates a pre-sweetened tea so you don’t have to deal with sticky, messy honey. 


Is your free shipping 2-day shipping?

Not always. Our free shipping is US Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. Depending on where you are located in the US, this service can take up to 3 days to deliver. We also may take 1 or 2 days to process your order prior to shipping.


Why do you only accept payment through PayPal and Stripe?

We value our customer’s privacy. PayPal and Stripe are online payment platforms that are proven to be secure. Other than your shipping and billing addresses, True Honey Teas does not store any of your payment information.


Are you a wholesale account looking to order through our website?

Great! Please contact John to join our online wholesale ordering platform. Once you’re online account is designated as a wholesale buyer, this will allow you to place orders directly through our website with little to no hassle.